Experimenting with Palm Trees in Southwestern VA

We recently had a customer request a palm tree for their poolside landscape.  Typically our   . Southwest VA climate is not particularly suitable to this type of tree.  However, one homeowner was willing to give it a try. 18 months later, the tree is doing well and beautifully survived the winter.  We'll keep you posted how it goes this winter....
This is the Sabal Palm Tree.

Sabal palmetto is a popular landscape plant known for its tolerance of salt spray and cold and is a cabbage palm.  Because of their relatively long establishment period and prevalence on ranchlands, few, if any are grown from seed in nurseries. Instead, established plants are dug in the wild with small rootballs since virtually all the severed roots die and must be replaced by new roots in the new location. Most leaves are removed at this time to reduce transpiration. It is the state tree of South Carolina and Florida. Most references rate the species as hardy to USDA hardiness zone 8a without protection, although with protection, proper siting, and care it can be grown in zone 7. Cabbage palms have good hurricane resistance, but are frequently overpruned for a variety of reasons.